Gratified Diffuser Blend

Gratified Diffuser Blend
I know I usually put my favorite recipe first. Well, this is it! I cannot describe to you the peace and fullness of heart I felt when I first smelled this combination of oils. It’s invigorating and energizing. It’s not going to put you to sleep but it’s going to make you hopeful and optimistic instead. It’s great for shaking off the “blahs.”

1 drop Cedarwood essential oil
1 drop Marjoram essential oil
1 drop Idaho Balsam Fir essential oil

These Diffuser Recipes for Peace and Contentment are perfect:
After completing a big project at work
When you’ve got a lot on your mind and you need to wind down
If you’re feeling frazzled
When the day seems like it got away from you
For those with family issues that seem overwhelming
If you’re just feeling out of sync
Or when you feel like life is all lemons.
These simple recipes can help you tune back into peace and wellness by allowing you to take a deep breath and recenter.

They’ll help you feel grounded and calm. Oils can’t fix everything that’s on your plate or on your mind, but they can give you a chance to reconnect with your serenity which is what really matters.