We have been hosting our weekly radio show Real Estate Chalk Talk for 10 years and it is the longest running show on the station.

We now host 2 radio shows on 3 metro stations. Our Healthy Homes enjoys a focus on the occupants of the home. You and your family and how you can benefit from a more healthy lifestyle buy creating an environment that is good for you! We also along with our guests, share ways to make healthy choices that will improve your health and allow you to enjoy life to the fullest.

Real Estate Chalk Talk is an entertaining show where we interview many industry guests that our listners find interesting and the information useful. Like how to build a firepit or how to plan for a backyard wedding, or how to finish that garage into a world class “Man Cave”

Yes we talk about the Real Estate Market home sales, inventory levels and interest rates, and comment on government helps and hinders on home ownership.

We are now on 3 stations. am 1440, am 1280 and fm 107.5 and online at IheartRadio.

NEW: Join us each Saturday morning on am 1570 for Our Healthy Homes.

Our Healthy Homes is our show dedicated to helping our listeners enjoy a healthy lifestyle by educating on food, exercise, toxins, emotional well being and of course the structure of the home that creates a healthy living environment.

As always our goal is to educate our listeners so they can enjoy their home and life to the fullest!

We record the show on Tuesdays at 1:00 and we stream the recording session on Facebook live. Tune in and I think that you will really enjoy it.