About Sheila

Keith and I have such a blessed life.  We have 5 children and 16 grandchildren. We work together and we are good at it.

I have been selling real estate for over 23 years and I love it! I was a Title closer before selling real estate for 10 years.  That’s over 33 years in the business.  I have been personally involved in hundreds of real estate transactions.  I understand that real estate is not a 9 to 5 business and I believe that you need an agent that can rise to any occasion.  I am committed to the great communication and accountability which is so vital to any good relationship.  I have been blessed to have 90% of my business come from referrals.

If you were to ask someone that knows me what one word they would use to describe me, you would get quite a few, ranging from caring, loving, moxie, tenacity, driven, passionate, and more.

I am passionate about, helping families find a place to live and grow, helping people find pathways to natural health and wellness, and helping people with emotional comfort through dog therapy.

Keith and I have Brisket the therapy dog.  I became a children’s author in 2017.  I wrote my first children’s book about my therapy dog.  The book has many fun stories of things that Brisket does in her everyday life at home.  Keith and I take Brisket to; R.E.A.D programs at schools, trauma centers, senior centers, hospitals, and www.crescentcove.org where the mission of Crescent Cove is to offer care and support to children and young adults who have a shortened life expectancy, and their families who love them.   My book is dedicated to:  To all the hospitalized and hospice children who bring joy and meaning to our lives as they struggle to keep theirs.   You can find the book at: www.BrisketCares.com