Healthy Homes

Go To Our Healthy Homes to see how to make your home healthy too!

For over 30 years, we have been in the business of helping families with their home buying and selling. 

The people we know want to live the best life they can and want to keep their family safe and healthy. Big Companies, through slick advertising, have convinced us that what we are eating snd drinking and the products we are using in the home are 100% safe.

When they really are not, (just read the warnings on the label).

There are disclosures required by sellers of real estate regarding lead paint, radon, meth production, environmental issues and more. But there are also, many more toxic and harmful household chemicals we use in our homes that have just become accepted everyday that are deadly to our families, especially to our children.

We want you to have a Healthy Home! We regularly hold learning sessions at our home and throughout the Twin Cities where we share information that we’ve learned on these specific topics. It is our hope that these learning sessions will empower you to make healthy choices for your family.

What you clean your house with, what you put in and on your body is important. Anyone can adopt simple changes to make the place you call home to safe!

If you share an interest in our Healthy Home mission, we would love it if you would join us at one of our learning sessions.