About Keith

I have significant experience in the area of changing families:

  • Divorce Real Estate Specialist. While divorce is a traumatic and horrible experience (it can be…I know personally) It is also a new beginning. There are no failures, only divine redirection.
  •  Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist. There are many areas of real estate, and handling an estate sale can be very challenging. Along with the obvious bereavement of the family, there can be a conflict with siblings, and other family members that call for a steady experienced hand.
    For a free Ebook on the probate process go to https://probatehousemn.com/
  • Lifestyle Change Real Estate Specialist. All families go through change as life moves on. For younger families, there are babies and growing children. That means more space is needed to accommodate that growing family. For older adults. the kids go off on their own. That large 2-story could be replaced by a one-level home or something with less to take care of.

I am a Real Estate Broker, a C.P.A., and the founding father of the Hittner Group. I have a B.A. in business, accounting, and economics from St. Mary’s University and I am a certified public accountant.

Over the last 3 decades, I have participated in thousands of real estate transactions and hundreds of building projects. I have unique experience in gathering the resources in order to properly prepare the house for sale.

The experiences that I have in different venues of service in the marketplace make me uniquely qualified to represent my client’s interests at a superior level. That experience means better outcomes for my clients and their families. Because we have worked with thousands of people in many different fields, we have a strong referral network. This allows us to get the right resources in place when our clients need them.

We care about the needs of the families we serve and are uniquely able to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

Then we take it a step further with our mission of creating healthy homes through education. We deliver a life and health-supporting resource to our friends, family, and clients, past, and present.

If you would like to have outstanding representation when buying or selling your home, please contact me.