About Keith

Sheila and I have such a blessed life. We have 5 children and 14 grandchildren. We work together and are equally yoked in life and faith.
I am a Real Estate Broker, a C.P.A. and the founding father of the Hittner Group. I have a B.A. in business, accounting, and economics from St. Mary’s University and I am a certified public accountant.
I started in public accounting, auditing companies like Cargill, Wells Fargo, Gate City Bank, Mathy Construction, Munsingwear, and dozens of others. Life on the road and the audit trail gave me a great understanding of business and marketing applications.
I became involved with the family business and during the off-season, we would take advantage of the extra time on our hands. We would build a house and sell it or we would buy land to subdivide, or I would look for homes for sale near me and would rehab an existing property. I discovered that I enjoyed real estate activities more than the retail business. So after 15 years, I made the decision to enter the real estate industry full time. I realized that the old-fashioned, high-pressure style of selling was not only unfair to clients, but hard on agents as well so I took a unique approach to help people and translated his philosophy into action by forming the HittnerGroup.
I love working with move-up home buyers and sellers, and new construction buyers and my goal. is to help our clients reach their goals. I have found that once you get to know people, you can’t help but care about what happens to them and our customers know that we are looking out for their best interests.
We take a long-term view of our relationships and are here to serve our clients long after they have left the closing table. One of our treasured delights is when a past customer calls for advice and we are able to help them.
Over the last 2 decades, I have participated in thousands of real estate transactions and hundreds of new construction building projects. I have subdivided and developed land for single-family homes and I have assisted builders and developers in doing the same.
Over the years I have served on the Minnesota Association of Realtors Governmental Affairs Committee. I worked to positively impact homeowners and property values with legislative initiatives.
I have also served on the Minnesota Association of Realtors Professional Standards Committee where I worked to ensure that the Realtor Code of Ethics was understood and adhered to.
I have served on the Minnesota Department of Commerce Examination Review Committee where I was responsible for writing the real estate examination questions. Questions used to ensure that new licensees have the working knowledge of State Statutes surrounding real estate law.
The experiences that I’ve had in different venues of service and in the marketplace make me uniquely qualified to represent my client’s interest at a superior level. That experience means better results for my clients and their families. We have worked with thousands of people in many different fields and have built a strong referral network so we can get the right information at the right time.
This has led us to a holistic approach to serving our clients. Of course, we care about the current transaction and are uniquely able to achieve the best outcome for our clients. But we take it a step further and have a mission of creating healthy homes through education and product knowledge that fosters life and health-supporting resource to our friends, family, and clients, both past, and present.
If you would like to have outstanding representation when buying or selling your home, please contact me