Fall and Seasonal Home Sellers

On our radio show yesterday we were talking about the fall market and whether you should sell now or wait until spring?

Of course, homes sell 365 days out of the year. In fact, we have sold homes on every major holiday as well.

But there are some considerations that should be taken into account when placing your home on the market.

Putting Your Home On The Market In Fall Could Mean Less Competition

Fewer homes are for sale in the fall in general. That means that a buyer may have fewer homes to look at and fewer choices. For you as the seller that could mean a faster sale with less time on the market. It can also mean a sale price that is right at your sweet spot!

Buyer Attitude

Fall home buyers tend to have a get it done attitude. The clock is ticking so if they want to be in the house by, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, or some other specific date, it means they need to get cracking and get looking. We find that people are more directive and on a mission in the 2nd half of the year and that can be good for a seller who is thinking of heading south for the winter.


Some homes just look better at different times of the year. When the leaves are down you can really see that lake. Or in the fall the colors of the trees and shrubs are simply breathtaking. Maybe you do a smashing job of fall decorating every year and your home simply looks warm and inviting as a result.

For whatever the reason. You can sell your home when it is right for you, regardless of the time of year or season!

If you want to talk about selling your home please contact me because I would love to help you work through the process.