A Healthy Home | A Marathon NOT a Sprint

Any time I take on a new project I tend to throw myself into it 110% expecting immediate results. I love that quick feeling of accomplishment and I want to see the results.

Making your home a healthy home is not the same. Yes, there are some things that you can do right away that will make your home smell better, feel better, and be better for you. But, making your home truly healthy is more of a mind shift than anything.

That’s why we say it is a movement. Learning the truth takes time and interest on your part to pay attention.

I don’t know about you, but I still will reach for that branded item that has been advertised to me for 20 years and assume that it is good for me. While it may be good for the problem it may not be good for me or my family.

Just my stopping and asking the question or reading the label is an improvement. There may be another product that you could use that would do just as great of a job for you but would be better for your house and family.

The same holds true for your routine home maintenance. Changing out filters, checking for water leaks, mold, or yard maintenance.

All facets of your home and anything that you or your family member touch, breath in or put on your bodies is important.

Want to get started? It is so easy and you will baby step your way to a Healthy Home.

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