I love food. More specifically I love barbeque. So we opened a BBQ restaurant!

People ask me all the time what does BBQ have to do with Real Estate?

BBQ, like home ownership, is truly an American tradion. Think about all of the backyard BBQ’s that go on every year to celebrate family gatherings and our independence as a county. BBQ is the perfect American Food fit for the American Dream of owning your own home.

Like our Real Estate practice, we do not cut any corners when it comes to BBQ. We use the best local meats available, grown and processed right here in Minnesota.

Potatoes from Idaho, cabbage and peppers from California and Onions from Texas.

We have been on many Travel Channel shows including Man V Food Nation, Chow Down Count Down, Road Warriors and more. We have been ranked as the 46th best place to eat in the country and as Facebook’s favorite BBQ. Check it out at